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on his hands, the nra labeled him a hip toe p po krits and called out his daughters who receive secret service protection. yesterday senator ted cruz accused the president of exploiting the murder of children to push through gun control legislation and then there are the real nuts out there. a movement of people who say that the sandy hook tragedy was a hoax. the real purpose was to create a political environment to take away all our guns. the opposition is intense, the american public is largely on board with at least some of the president's agenda. in a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, more than half, 56%, say laws covering the sale of firearms should be stricter. so what realistically can the president do? david corn is washington bureau chief for "mother jones," joy reid is managing editor of thegrio.com, and both are msnbc political analysts. joy, how large should he be looking? >> i think the president needs to go in with a large package obviously, but when you talk to individual lawmakers, particularly on the house side, you get the sense two things have to happen. first
in the nra in pennsylvania and they vote democrat or republican. >> sure, sure. >> are they going to go with the crazies like james yaeger, we'll show him and alex jones again. >> you know what's crucial to this is what clinton did back in '94. he got an assault weapons ban through congress over the nra opposition and the opposition of many republicans and some democrats, and the way he got it was by bringing the cops, the police. >> i know, but how many seats did he lose over that? >> lost a lot of seats so you've got to keep the fight going after you win so the way to get people to side with responsible gun control, gun violence prevention, is to make that a wide coalition to show them that, hey, you're with people who like to shoot and who care. it's not just liberal dems. >> i agree. >> that's the key as we go forward. >> the raw story website got ahold of this threatening video from this fellow i mentioned, james yaeger. he's ceo of a group called tactical response, and he's pledging actual violence as a result of the white house action on gun safety. take a listen. >> i'm telling
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)